My art works are inspired by Nature which I simplify down to organic shapes. I call them "Abstract Landscape". They are vibrant, intense, highly worked in colourful detail, unique and uplifting paintings. Abstract Landscapes stimulate imagination and bring out ones inner creativity. When people view my painting they cannot always understand what is painted, so then they start making their own story from the painting. It means that they are communicating with art. My arts bring out their subconscious.

When we do art we communicate with ourselves a lot. It is an intense conversation. It happens between our conscious and unconscious. Then we put our own idea, story and philosophy on canvas or some other material.

Arts is a means of visualizing ones  philosophy.

My colours attract people and make them happy. I use over 30 individual colours with perfect balance. This is one of my gifts.

Each shape is quite simple but there are layers of complex composition and detail. That's why people never quite understand the whole painting. Each time when people look at it they find different shapes and stories.


My art philosophy is about a quest for Eternal Beauty. I found it in abstract art. It has simplicity, symbolism, design and pattern. There are universal art element. There is no age, no religion, and no cultural barrier. Therefore abstract arts are universal arts.